Extending the life and enhancing the beauty and performance of your theater's screen and fabrics is affordable and trouble-free.

1570 Cinema Services is the premier screen cleaning and fabric vacuuming firm for your theater. We service multiplex screens, large-format flat screens, and domes worldwide with our patented technology. We now offer affordable front-end fabric vacuuming for all maskings, curtains, valances and side wall fabrics in your theater’s auditoriums.

For images of the difference you can expect from these services please see our Photos page.

Get the most out of your screens and give your patrons the best possible viewing surface to enhance their movie-going experience.

We offer competitive, standardized pricing for all multiplex services and are happy to provide customized quotes for large format cleaning. Contact us today!

1570 Cinema Services are members of the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

1570 Cinema Services are members of the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

Our Services 

We provide service for all theaters as 1570 Cinema Services, a company created specifically to provide screen cleaning – and now fabric vacuuming - for all multiplex and large format and screens and domes. During our 20 years working in the multiplex market, we have cleaned thousands of movie screens across the country. We’re the only company who can safely clean your new, delicate silver and white hybrid screens. We have taken the experience learned over time in multiplex screen cleaning to design and patent a system specifically tailored to large format screens and domes.


How We Work

Until now, there has been a gap in the services available to the large format industry. Large screens and domes have rapid dust and particulate build up similar to multiplex screens. This dust compromises the optical characteristics of your screen and can diminish your screen’s brightness by up to 50% and, over time, permanently discolor the viewing surface. Our screen cleaning methods are proven to improve screen longevity and image quality.


Large Format Flat Screens

The method for cleaning large format flat screens is the same for every theater, but due to differences in how screens are hung and configured, customized rigging is required to position the cleaning device at the top of the screen surface.

The only effective way to clean a screen or dome is from the front viewing side.

Our patented lightweight equipment is maneuvered in front of the screen from above. The dust and particulates are removed using a chemical-free dry cleaning process in a uniform manner for a more effective clean.

We perform the cleaning over a one-two night period, while your theater is closed, so that showings never have to be canceled.

Large Format Domes

Dome cleaning is one of our most requested services and is one of our specialties. Domes collect dust at a higher rate than flat screens – as the dome itself acts as an air for the building’s HVAC system.

Our cleaning method uses the same materials as in our flat screen process and is safe for all dome surfaces. Dome cleanings are performed over one night while your theater is closed. Please contact us for a list of dome theater references.

See the Photos section to witness the difference our process can make.


Multiplex Screen Cleaning

1570 Cinema Services is the most trusted screen cleaning vendor for several of the largest theater chains in the United States.

We operate nationwide on a nightly basis removing dust, soda and cheese splashes, food splatters, roof leak stains and any other contaminants.

In general, multiplex screen cleaning is performed annually - and at some high-traffic locations more often – to keep the screens looking and performing at their best.

All work is performed overnight or in the early morning – from ground level - and does not require canceling shows. The materials that touch your screen are what makes 1570 Cinema Services the best in the industry. We use the latest in technology to provide a effective, gentle cleaning.

Contact us for a list of our standardized pricing.

Front-End Fabric Cleaning

1570 Cinema Services is proud to offer curtain, masking and vertical wall fabric cleaning. We have a safe and effective vacuuming process for removing years of unsightly dust and debris build-up on your vertical fabrics. Our process improves the presentation for your customers and the safety of your dine-in guests.

See our photos section for examples of our highly effective front-end fabric cleaning process.

Contact us for a list of our standardized pricing.




1570 Cinema Services welcomes inquiries from facilities outside of North America and can custom tailor a cleaning package to fit the specific needs of our international customers.

The following Large Format theaters have benefited from our services. For a complete list of our most current customers and references please contact us. 

Large Format Flat Screens:

  • Grand Canyon’s National Geographic Imax Theatre

  • IMAX Cinema London-Science Museum

  • IMAX Theatre Melbourne-Melbourne, Australia

  • BFI IMAX-London, United Kingdom

  • California Science Center IMAX-Los Angeles, CA

  • Tennessee Aquarium 3D IMAX Theatre-Chattanooga, TN

  • Regal New Rochelle 3D IMAX Theater-New Rochelle, NY

  • TELUS World of Science IMAX-Edmonton, Alberta

  • Pacific Science Center, Boeing 3D IMAX and Eames 2D IMAX-Seattle, WA

  • Hearst Castle IMAX Theater-San Simeon, CA

  • Regal Cinemas Hacienda Crossings IMAX-Dublin, CA

  • Museum of Science and Discovery AutoNation 3D IMAX-Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • National Naval Aviation Museum IMAX-Pensacola, FL

  • Regal Lincolnshire 3D IMAX-Lincolnshire, IL

  • Moody Gardens 3D IMAX Theater-Galveston, TX

  • Regal Transit Center 3D IMAX-Williamsville, NY

  • Audubon Nature Institute, Entergy 3D IMAX-New Orleans, LA

  • Regal King of Prussia 3D IMAX, King of Prussia, PA

  • Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex-Branson, MO

Large Format Domes:

  • Washington Pavilion’s Wells Fargo CineDome-Sioux Falls, SD

  • Discovery Place, Charlotte Observer IMAX Dome-Charlotte, NC

  • Robert D. Lindner OMNIMAX, Museum Center at Union Terminal-Cincinnati, OH

  • Museum of Science, Mugar OMNI Theater-Boston, MA

  • Science Spectrum OMNI Theater-Lubbock, TX

  • The Franklin Institute, Tuttleman IMAX Theater-Philadelphia, PA

  • Science Center of Iowa Blank IMAX Dome Theater-Des Moines, IA

  • Malecon 2000 IMAX Dome-Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Detroit IMAX Dome Theater and Dassault Planitarium-Detroit, MI

  • Cedar Rapids Science Station IMAX Dome-Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Museum of Science and Industry IMAX Dome-Chicago, IL

  • TELUS World of Science OMNIMAX Dome-Vancouver, BC

  • Science Museum of Virginia, Ethyl IMAX Dome-Richmond, VA

  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Omni IMAX Dome-Fort Worth, TX



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